Tenant Services

This is where we started. We needed a simple way to allow tenants to schedule their space, and then provide building owners with a monthly report of that usage.

So, we created a service under BuildingPulse, and an app that uses that service, called AfterHours.

Once you connect your sites to BuildingPulse, using AfterHours is very straightforward:

  • Add the WebCTRL areas and schedule groups you would like to enable for each site
  • Create as many tenancies as you need
  • Create a tenant admin for each tenancy
  • Assign those locations to tenancies as needed

Tenant admins can then create other tenants, and other tenant admins, and limit assigned locations further.

The idea was to make this as self service and painless as possible, but it's flexible. A dealer admin or normal user can also schedule locations for appropriate tenants, and have those bookings flagged accordingly.


Let BuildingPulse simplify life for your building's tenants.

Site Monitoring


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