Site Monitoring

While your city sleeps, wouldn't you like to know your buildings are up and running?

Would you like an Apple or Google notification if one isn't?

Install a zero configuration Add-on in WebCTRL, add the site in BuildingPulse, and you can get that and detailed site information delivered to your devices.

Communication between BuildingPulse and your sites are bi-directional, secure, and optimized.

Additionally, for sites where you've added dashboards, there will be an indicator showing the current number of warnings and faults. Simply clicking on the site will show you the dashboard and its details. The data is served fresh from the site every five minutes.

After dashboard data, detailed site information is provided, including:

  • WebCTRL and OS version details
  • Login info used by BuildingPulse (dealer admin only)
  • License info and features
  • System point counts by type (ANI, ANO, etc.)



Let BuildingPulse tell you there's a problem before your customers do.


Tenant Services

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