With BuildingPulse you decide what points go on a dashboard by adding references to them in a standard WebCTRL control program. If you need to change those points later, all you have to do is change the dashboard's control program, restart the Add-on, and BuildingPulse will get the changes. Simple as that.

There are three different types of BuildingPulse users:

  • Dealer admins, who can see all of a dealer's accounts, and the sites in those accounts
  • Normal users, like building owners, who can see their own account and the sites in that account
  • Group members who belong to a single account, but need a dashboard tailored for them, such as an energy manager

When you add a BuildingPulse dashboard control program to a site, the reference name determines the type of user that gets the data. And the Display Name of the control program becomes a section title for the data. The control program does not contain any logic, it just provides a place to map points in the site to data on a dashboard.

A site can have multiple control programs of any type.

All users have the option to reorder and hide data on their dashboards, and dealer admins and users control which group dashboard sections appear on which group dashboards.


There's a lot of flexibility.






Let BuildingPulse keep an eye on the details you care about.

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